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Textile print company in Como

We support you along every step of the production process of printed fabrics for your fashion collection, also with customised designs.

Innovation and research, new materials and printing techniques.

At Seride the fabric printing service is offered to guarantee creative and innovative solutions for the best Italian and foreign clothing brands.

Innovation and research, new materials and printing techniques, investment in new machinery: Seride is increasingly competitive, in the production of traditionally printed fabrics as well as in the increasingly popular digital printing on fabric.

printing services

At Seride, the fabric printing service is offered to guarantee creative and innovative solutions for the best Italian and foreign clothing brands

Square printing on fabric


Printing onto a fabric using the square printing technique means creating a product that can be used in various sectors



Digital printing for textiles is faster and more flexible than screen printing and enables faster response to requests



Pigment printing is a technique that we offer as a solution for special effects or prints dedicated to subsequent treatments



The timeless appeal of devoré fabrics is therefore not only the visual effect of transparency, but also the tactile effect


You have to do the difficult things, everyone knows how to do the easy ones.

In the future I will focus, as in the past, on niche products and processes that nobody else does and on new ideas that arise from needs that are not easy to satisfy.

Bruno Luraschi

Printed fabrics for the best Italian and foreign brands.
We produce exclusive designs.

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At our facility in Portichetto di Luisago, we handle the printing of fabrics for numerous Italian and foreign brands.

The entire fabric processing is handled in-house: from lamination to glitter and devoré, both traditional and digital printing are carried out on site.

An in-house testing laboratory enables us to achieve high quality standards in a short time.

In just a few years, we have managed to double our production without compromising delivery times.

This extraordinary result was achieved through the construction of a new department, equipped with state-of-the-art digital machinery, and the expansion of the finishing department.

Fabric finishing

Processes such as laminating, embossing, fabric coupling, coating, devoring, calendering, crease and anti-static treatment of fabrics are carried out in-house.

Environmental sustainability

At Seride we take the importance of environmental sustainability very seriously. So much so that already in 2009 we installed a photovoltaic system on our roof.

A family business

Family, employees and collaborators are all essential components of a company like ours. An intense story that starts with one person and invests in the community.

All fabrics and fibres we print on at Seride

We print on different types of fabrics, each of which has specific properties and characteristics that can identify the best choice depending on your needs. Our fabric print shop prints on different fibres:

  • cotton
  • wool
  • linen
  • polyamide
  • polyester
  • silk
  • viscose

Export is the key to success not only for us, but for the whole of Italy.

Federica, Stefano e Matteo Luraschi


At Seride we offer a printing service on various fabrics and fibres and a finishing service to guarantee creative and innovative solutions for the best Italian and foreign clothing brands:

We want to meet your needs in the best possible way and provide you with an excellent service: request a no-obligation quote.