Digital printing on fabric | Digital textile printing
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Creative and technical solutions for the world of fashion


disegni su stoffa

Seride’s style department, in collaboration with the finest Italian and foreign studies, produces and presents hundreds of new and exclusive designs: spring-summer, autumn-winter collections as required in the fashion world



We print on any type of fabric, knitted fabrics being one of our specialties.

Each season we present over one hundred and fifty fabrics available for print or solid colour, but we also research and develop new bases following the customer’s indications.
These include: Jersey, drill, satin, chiffon, georgette, crepe, duchesse, fleece, poplin, Cady, jacquard, cloquet, net, gauze, ottoman, canvas, … ..
Silk, cotton, wool, linen, viscose, polyamide, polyester


stampa digitale e rotocalco

Prints are produced digitally or with traditional screen printing, in both cases, the internal study of colourways and photogravure allow speed and flexibility in serving our customers in the best and quickest manner.
In addition to traditional prints, we produce prints with foil, glitter, devorè, puff transfers, over-dye prints or garment washed.


se 17

All finishing processes are carried out internally; among the special finishes are laminating, embossing, resining, bonding, coating, pleating, flocking.