Seride printed fabrics
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Innovation, Research and Design

In a team you have to correctly understand the role to assign to various people in order for them to develop

Producers of new ideas

Innovation and research, new materials and printing techniques, investment in new machinery: Seride is increasingly competitive in the production of printed fabrics with traditional printing as well as the increasingly popular digital printing on fabric

Seride’s Style

Great attention is paid to new trends: new patterns, cutting-edge graphics, digital art and visual are constantly monitored by our style department consistent with the current proposal.

The fabrics of numerous Italian and foreign brands are printed in the Portichetto di Luisago factory. All processes on the fabrics are handled internally: from lamination to glitter and devorè, gravure printing and digital printing is performed. An internal test laboratory allows to rapidly achieve a high level of quality

In just a few years we have doubled the production without changing the delivery time.

To achieve this it was necessary to build a new department in which to install new digital machines and to expand the finishing department.




Federica Luraschi

Marketing and Communications Manager



Stefano Luraschi

Sales Manager



Matteo Luraschi

Manager of the technical and digital department

Rapid production for restocking.
Rapidity in the preparation of swatches of new designs