Traditional printed fabrics
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1975 – 2015


An intense story that starts from one person and engages a community: family, employees, and partners.

You have to do the difficult things: anyone can do the easy ones.
Even in the future I will aim, as in the past, at niche products and processes that nobody does and new ideas that arise from not easy to please needs
A gift that belongs to leaders is to be able to choose and then develop human resources. Subsequently, the company grows also
Horizontal management prevails in almost all companies today, objectives are shared, and the future is viewed together: Luraschi was a pioneer to this effect, listening to workers, while maintaining a firm grip of the company reins.
Seride is an industrial project developed thanks to the collective commitment and enthusiasm of many people

The tale of a company: SERIDE

A company known and respected by the major high-end clothing brands, a true benchmark in the field of textile printing, which contributed in writing the history of this sector. But what is behind this success, behind this huge national and international achievement?
There is a story, a story that begins from one person and engages a community: family, employees, and partners.

Bruno Luraschi

has grown within the Como textile production reality and has covered all steps, from the bottom up: he has adopted all the secrets of craftsmen designers, photo-engravers, printers, and engravers.

The Book

The Book

A publication edited by Elena Marzorati, collects the adventures of Bruno Luraschi and SERIDE. Please request