Yarn: Thread or Story - Seride Stampa su tessuto
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Yarn: Thread or Story

Fabrics and accessories, silk and textile products that depict the Made in Como beauty and excellence: this is what was proposed by the “Yarn: thread or Story” exhibition held from July 29 to September 3, 2015, in the picturesque location of Serre di Villa del Grumello in Como.
Fabrics and accessories, made available by the Como textile companies, telling the story of those who have designed, made and worn them. A kind of behind the scenes to reveal aspects and anecdotes that are often unknown to most: from the celebrities who have worn them on special occasions, to the great designers who have transformed them into dream garments, not to mention some interesting aspects linked to technology.

A real storytelling of Made in Como, the birthplace of textile products of excellence, for fashion or technology that is critical to the success of many famous names of the fashion world.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the participation of well-known Como textile companies that provided the fabrics exhibited: CanepaSpA, FPRSpA, GiraniSpA, RattiSpA, Seridesrl, TaroniSpA, Luigi VergaSpA.