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We at Seride have decided to make quality and sustainability our core values, and this choice guides us every day. Our history has taught us that in order to offer the highest standards of quality and maintain sustainability, it is necessary to work efficiently.

This is why we firmly believe that in a work team one must always understand what role to assign to each person in order to help them grow professionally.

We are producers of new ideas

Innovation and research, new materials and printing techniques, investments in new machinery: at Seride we are as competitive in the production of traditionally printed fabrics as we are in the increasingly popular digital printing on fabric.

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Seride's Style

We pay great attention to new trends: new patterns, avant-garde graphics, digital art and visuals are constantly monitored by our style department in line with current trends.

Fabrics from numerous Italian and foreign labels are printed in the factory in Portichetto di Luisago. All fabric processing is done in-house: from lamination to glitter and devoré, traditional printing and digital printing are executed.

An in-house testing laboratory allows high quality standards to be achieved in a short time.

In just a few years, we have doubled production while keeping delivery times unchanged.

This fantastic result was only possible thanks to the construction of a new department in which we installed new digital machines and the expansion of the finishing department.

We are equipped to produce reassortments very quickly. Speed in the preparation of samples of new designs.

The people

    Marketing and Communication Manager
    Sales Manager
    Technical and Digital Manager


New York: A Fabric Affair
17-18 gennaio 2024

Monaco: Munich Fabric Start
23-25 gennaio 2024

Milano: Milano Unica
30-31 gennaio / 1 febbraio 2024

Los Angeles: A Fabric Affair
28-29 febbraio 2024