Crêpe fabric

The most common use of crêpe as a fabric is the production of elegant evening dresses, wedding dresses, blouses, skirts and some types of trousers.

Printed fabrics: crêpe

The crêpe fabric is one of the fabrics that can be printed in Seride. It has a typical wrinkled texture and matt finish and can be made from different fibres:

Depending on the fibre used, its particular crease resistance may increase or decrease. In any case, however, it is easy to process and handle, which makes it ideal for clothes worn by frequent travellers.

Furthermore, cotton crêpe or satin fabric is particularly stretchy. In short, of all printed fabrics, crêpe is probably the most versatile.

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Difference between crêpe and duchesse

The main difference between crêpe and duchesse fabric is the texture.

The crêpe fabric has an irregular and wrinkled texture, whereas the duchesse cloth has a smooth and polished texture. This characteristic is even more pronounced in silk duchesse.

The typical lightness of crêpe fabric is also a big difference to duchesse fabric, which is generally less soft and stiffer.

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A curiosity about crêpe

The term crêpe is derived from the French creper, a word meaning stumbling or roughness.

Since it is a term of foreign origin, it is common for some people to spell it differently and, for this reason, you can also find crêpe fabric incorrectly referred to as crepes fabric online.

The full and correct name of the fabric instead is crêpe de chine.

All the fabrics we print on in Seride

At Seride we have the possibility of printing on crêpe as well as printing on different types of fabrics. In addition to crêpe, in fact, we can also print on other cloths that for their own specific characteristics may be the best choice depending on your needs:

  • Chiffon, a light and transparent fabric
  • Drill, a particularly thick and resistant fabric
  • Georgette, a light and breathable fabric
  • Jersey, a very elastic and soft fabric
  • Terrycloth, a soft and thick fabric
  • Satin, a smooth and shiny fabric, soft and luxurious

All finishing work, such as coupling, calendering, water repellent, laminating is done in-house.

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