Square printing on fabric

Looking for a partner for square printing on your fabrics?

Seride: square printing on fabric

Square printing on fabric is a screen printing service that at Seride we offer for projects that aim to create a specific design on the surface of the fabric itself.

It is the perfect technique for creating striped or chequered fabrics, however when used by experienced professionals, it can also be used to create far more complex layouts.

Why choose square printing

Printing on a fabric using the square printing technique means producing a product that can be used in various sectors such as clothing, fashion, interior decoration and upholstery. A good example of this is square printing on silk or printing on a coloured fabric.

The fabric designs that can be realised with this special technique have some particular advantages for our partners:

  • They are relatively cheap
  • They are very precise
  • They are particularly durable

Thanks to these three characteristics, square printing is particularly suitable for printing large productions and heavy fabrics or with large colour masses.

Are you looking for a technique that allows you to print large quantities in a short time and without sacrificing precision? Contact us now.

All the printing techniques we can offer you at Seride

In addition to square printing on fabric, at Seride we can work on fabric printing using:

Looking for a particular fabric printing technique? Write to us, our office will answer you.

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